Various Hull Inspections & Ships husbandry

Sealane Inshore are recognized by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) as a service supplier to carry out In- water survey’s.

Completing in water surveys having been approved by ABS proves Sealane Inshore can provide a satisfactory practical demonstration of  previous in water survey which in turn assist’s ABS surveyors on relying on and making decisions when carrying out classification and statutory surveys.

Most recent  hull surveys and ships husbandry include:

  • ENSCO 092 (Jack up rig) Eddy current and ACFM
  • Highland Duke- Offshore vessel supply services
  • Arklow freedom – Arklow shipping – In water survey
  • MV Grete Fighter- T.Ward shipping Ltd- Propellor inspection
  • Global Symphony- GAC shipping- Thruster inspection
  • Azura – Denholm Port services
  • FS Aberdour- Offshore vessel supply services
  • FS Carrick- Offshore vessel supply services
  • Polar Queen – Aqualis Braemar
  • HMS Protector- MLS corporation – Bung fitting