A Pile Protection System is the perfect solution for most Pile Projects and can be adapted for bracing and node applications. Once installed the system can greatly increase the lifespan and reduce maintenance.

Intertidal and Immersed Pile Protection System are suitable for timber, steel and concrete piles, consisting of an inner layer of Petroleum Tape & optional paste/primer, which is secured using a heavy duty 2mm HDPE jacket and bands. This solution seals the pile against water & oxygen thus arresting corrosion.

Benefits of a Pile Protection System:

  • No Pre-Survey required
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Rugged and Repairable
  • 100% Non-metallic
  • ICCP and sacrificial Anode compatible
  • Copes with Various Pile Types

Sealane Inshore is a recognised installer of HCL Fasteners Long-Lasting Pile Protection System. For more information on their product See hclfasteners.com/corrosion-pile-wrap