General diving including

  • Quay/ Jetty inspections
  • Bed Surveys
  • Scour surveys
  • Obstruction investigation and removal
  • Dock gate inspections including underwater thickness readings
  • Cathodic protection surveys
  • Underwater thickness reading surveys
  • Outfall repairs
  • Diffuser replacements
  • Freshwater works including reservoirs and pumping station works
  • Assisting in dock gate removal, fitting of stop logs for temporary works
  • Transducer replacements
  • Wet welding/ Cathodic protection
  • Propeller clearance
  • Burning works including guide frame removal to save the client on the fee’s involved with dry docking
  • Inspection Specific/ General/video surveys
  • Assisting in lifting dredger doors.
  • HIPAP cleaning
  • Propellor polishing for optimum fuel consumption.
  • Underwater thickness readings on vessel’s.
    Anode/ Cathodic protection System inspection
  • Sea chest removal
  • Fitting of bungs when internal valves need replacing/ maintenance

Wet Welding/ Anode Installation/ Underwater Burning

Sealane Inshore’s long term employed divers have extensive knowledge and experience over the years of anode installation and wet welding and have all acquired either the gold standard AWS D3.6 class A qualification or the British Standard equivalent BS 4872-1.

Although every anode install can be slightly different and challenging Sealane have completed numerous installs to date, all on time and within budget and more importantly safely. Sealane are also equipped to carry out Oxy/Arc burning underwater for any underwater steel elements needing removed.

Wet Welding
Bulk Carrier

In water vessel/ Hull surveys

Sealane Inshore ltd are certified by the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) to undertake in-water surveys to assist Surveyors in making decisions affecting classification or statutory surveys of a ship’s hull. We can offer a responsive service with our 24/7 callout and can look to mobilise at short notice for the Client whether it be a full hull survey or a quick look at recent damage or suspected damage. With quality video footage and written inspection reports which can be obtained at the dive site this information can then be passed over to the surveyor for further examination.

Small Craft Boat recovery

Sealane are also here to assist in the misfortunate circumstances a small craft/ boat needs recovered from the seabed, over the years we have lifted many boats safely through the use of lift bags. With our contacts throughout the marine industry in the North East we can almost certainly find a vessel capable of assisting in the works and recovering small craft and objects to the surface safely and efficiently.

Small craft recovery

Hydro demolition

Following a recent successful  Hydro demolition trial underwater working in conjunction with Buxtons Water Ltd, Sealane divers completed a 120 metre toe trench around the perimeter of Seahouses pier in order that Southbay Civil Engineering Ltd can use the toe trench to build from preventing any further scour to the pier.

The divers were trained through the water jetting association and a retro (Zero thrust) nozzle gun capable of 15,000psi was required to perform the operation safely underwater. A 300mm x 300mm toe trench was cut under the strictest of conditions and Sealane completed the toe trench to all under water areas of the pier successfully and safely.

This has been a great accomplishment for both Sealane Inshore Ltd and Buxtons Water ltd and a milestone in the progress of the reconstruction of the pier.

Timber pile jetty removals

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s timber was the main component of most infrastructure including marine infrastructure. As the years go by these Jetty’s/ Dolphins and walkways are becoming less stable and therefore due to age need removing at some point. Sealane can provide a safe system of work to carry out these tasks with our Hydraullic Stanley chainsaw equipment to remove the structure sub surface and even at bed level to prevent hazards to the marine industry.

Bridge/Culvert inspections

Sealane can offer a variety of support to assist customers with Bridge/ Culvert inspections including confined space entry, scour surveys, underwater video surveys and general condition reports/ inspections and repairs.

Recently completed projects

Client: Port of Dover/ Dover Western Dock Regeneration Programme
Principal Contractor: Volker Stevin Boskalis Westminster (VSBW)
Contractor: Metec Group Ltd
Diving Contractor: Sealane Inshore Ltd
Date: Jan19-March 19

Sealane completed the successful installation of 546 x anodes all fully welded to combination pile wall at Marina curve and North West Marina Pier.

Client: Port of Tyne/ RoRo4 and Riverside Quay phase 3
Principal Contractor: Sealane Inshore Ltd
Date: Sept18-Dec 18

Total of 794 anodes welded to steel tubular pile and Rendex piles.

Client: South Tyneside Council
Principal Contractor:- Sealane Inshore Ltd
Date: Nov 18

Total of 24 Anodes welded fully to landing pontoon at Mill Dam pontoon

Client: Port of Tyne
Principal Contractor: Intermarine Ltd
Contractor: Sealane Inshore Ltd
Date: Jan 19

Total of 14 anodes fully welded to guide piles at cutter station pontoon.

Client: Port of Dundee
Principal Contractor: Southbay Civil engineering ltd
Subcontractor: Sealane Inshore ltd
Date: June 17- Sept 17

Total of 616 Anodes welded to tubular steel piles,  plus pile plate repairs welded subsea to tubular steel piles.

Client: Port of Dover
Principal contractor: Volker Stevin Boskalis Westminster
Contractor: Sealane Inshore Ltd
Date: March 19

Removal of 8no x AZ x 8 metre long piles burnt at dock sill level (Removal of Wellington Dock)